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The LGS Story

Hey! The birth of LGS was the result of a simple idea. An idea can do wonders, and LGS for us was such a miracle. Digital Marketing is something that impressed us, impressive enough to make us put our heart and soul in it. Among all things, one thing that caught our attention was, how digital marketing does the job of drawing people’s attention without burning a hole in the pocket. We believe it’s like buying a pair of super expensive sunglasses for half the price! – Nagu and Varsha


We started out with a designer and a content writer and before we realised it, our love for digital marketing fetched us wonderful clients, who trusted us, and we lived up to it. Then Came expansion, we grew the squad with people who shared similar feelings as ours, work culture at large and we have been hanging out, having fun, and getting things done is what we do at LGS. That is how we started, that is how we grew, having a strong footprint in Chennai & Singapore and that is how we aim to expand.

Happy Souls
Cups Of Chai
Everything is new in digital marketing and that is what we like about it too. However, here is a snippet of our process, which is the core of our campaigns and that which makes us an international digital marketing agency that you can trust on. This is to help you figure out what you are signing-up for!
Strangers -> Visitors

You need to be loud for attracting strangers and converting them to visitors and trust us, we are LOUD, through search engine optimization, social media posts, blogs, and websites!

Visitors -> Leads

If converting visitors to leads is an art, we are the Picasso of it! Be it designing the landing page, and CTAs or educating your visitors through blog posts, the LGS squad gets things done!

Leads -> Customers

Workflows, signals, emails, Blah.. Blah..! You needn’t worry about converting your leads to customers anymore! Leave it to LGS and we’ll take care of lead conversion and customer retention!

A Toast To The Future!

Let’s Goo Social, An international digital marketing agency, is traversing a challenging and fascinating path with a mission. We are committed to marketing your digital footprints in the boldest of ways with the help of a squad who have fun, and get things done in the most creative way! We have evolved well over the years, thanks to our clients! With tons of hope, here are a few things that we look forward to in the future.

  • We look forward to taking digital marketing to every company in need of it, no matter the size.
  • We would love to hire young (at heart) souls, who want to build a career in digital marketing!
  • Our greatest vision is to keep LGS young and fresh, ever flowing with ideas and talent!
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We have been working with this team for social media management and Social media Marketing past one year for our restaurant and online store .they have very good and dedicated team members who follow up regularly with us and provide suggestions,which brings lot of bookings for our business.especially weekly report provided by them on ad performance and budget spent gives us lot of insights to make our decision on where we can spend more and get conversions.

Aishwaryam Facility Service Management

Great service! Let’s goo social team has been super supportive and patient with us & we’ll continue to work in long run!

SA Polytechnic College

We have been working with let’s goo social since 2019 for digital marketing for our admissions and found great improvement in receiving leads and admission.

Retirement Homes Digital Marketing
The Chennai Homes

Let’s Goo Social are innovative and creative in their ways. We are happy with their work and as a digital marketing agency, they have proved to us that they are truly a results-oriented company.

Digital Marketing For Boutiques
Magic Weavies

Being an ecommerce clothing line, LGS helped us a lot with the digital marketing side of it. In a minimum budget, they laid a great foundation for our brand to grow on and flourish.

Photography Digital Marketing
My Winks Photography

Being a creative organization, we can for sure say that their campaigns and ideas are creative and perfectly executed. They did an awesome initial setup as a foundation of our brand and helped our business to take off from there.

Real Estate Digital Marketing
Arima Constructions

LGS has built our brand and helped us reach visibility among our audience. Our social media profile is stronger than ever because of their innovative ideas to put our brand out there. Let’s hope to reach heights together in the near-future.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing
Ayur Egg

LGS has contributed a lot towards the growth of our company. We have expanded our brand from the store shelves to be an e-commerce product with the help of their excellent branding. Our sales considerably increased and the return ad spend was satisfying too.