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Ogilvy’s ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad’ Redefines Advertising


Covid 19 might have struck the world with grim and loneliness but not the world of advertising. With each passing day, the digital world is getting more personalized. Ads are becoming more humane lending a personal touch to convey messages of hope and support during stringent times. As consumers resume trying to find their way into the ‘new normal’ post lockdown, brand communications are now geared up towards supporting consumers in navigating their way through this crucial phase. 

One of the major concerns during the crisis was that many small and local businesses were badly hit. Many campaigns and marketing efforts were geared to uplift such thriving businesses. A recent example of how digital media was able do wonders if utilized right came into existence with Baba Ka Dhaba. A small food shop in Delhi serving lunch and dinner by an old couple. Little did we know that this small shop would be highlighted by the biggest brands, celebrities and people all across the world. This was a major step towards creating a humane presence on social media.

People demand personalization. Their appetite for personalized products is stronger today – so much so that they’re willing to pay and invest in products unique to them. They also don’t mind sharing personal data in exchange for receiving personalized recommendations and offers. When you step into a store or make an online purchase, marketers leave no stone unturned to make you feel special and cared for. Starting from birthdays to anniversaries and feedback, a touch of personalization creates a special bond of the customer with the product. So personalized ads use insights into who a customer is to increase an ad’s relevancy. These can be simple insights such as basic demographic information or more specific like niche interest, buying intent, and behavioral patterns. 

This Is Not Just A Cadbury Ad

The precise one-to-one marketing where a brand is making a consumer feel that they are speaking directly to them and addressing their unique needs is the evolution in the field of advertising. Another thing to keep in mind is relevancy, people communicate more with ads that are relevant in their message and brand tone. This is a well-planned ideation by digital agencies that helps create huge brand awareness. As always, Cadbury Ads has time and again revolutionized advertising in many different ways starting from special moments, battling loneliness in seniors, gender stereotyping and many impactful issues.

This season, Cadbury wanted to do its bit of humane interest by creating a data-driven campaign platform named ‘Not Just A Cadbury Ad’ to highlight the spirit of generosity in action. Conceptualized by Ogilvy, Cadbury Celebrations’ latest digital campaign provides an advertising platform to local retailers, whose businesses have been hugely impacted by the pandemic. It is a geo-targeted ad based on pin codes that seamlessly incorporate different small businesses into a touching storyline revolving around an Indian family celebrating Diwali. In the ad, the mother character is shown gifting each family member with a different gift, each attributed to a specific small business the gift is from. The ad ends by urging people to support local stores as they shop for Diwali this year. 

Not Just A Cadbury Ad Campaign Idea

“The heart of this campaign lies in generosity, especially in these trying times,” said Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India, Sukesh Nayak. “This data-driven, localized and personalized campaign captures generosity experienced at a local community level, where we featured local retailers & urged people to remember them while gifting this Diwali.” 

By developing an algorithm that customized each ad for the viewer based on their location, a viewer watching the ad in Pune would be guided to small stores in Pune.  In order to execute this multi-platform activation campaign, Cadbury reached out to 1800+ local retailers across 260+ pin codes in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Indore & Pune. 

Paving the way for human-centric advertising, Cadbury Ad has wow-ed everyone with powerful storytelling conveying the truest essence of generosity. If this is not the future we want to see next in advertising, then what is? Let us know more about your thoughts.

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