You have been seeing the words "LGS Squad" for so many times now. Here is your chance to meet the squad!
LGS Team DP (Nags)
Naghappan AL (Nags)
Founder/ Digital Marketing Engineer

A leader, Naghappan is the definition of a ‘cool boss’. He holds the team together, guides them and also takes part in all the fun! He’s a visionary who helps brands to succeed with practical and results-driven techniques.

LGS Team DP (Varsha)
Varsha Rajagopal (VMR)
Co-Founder/ The Ad boss

VMR takes care of providing end-to-end solutions for ads. She takes care of budget planning, marketing funneling, and target setting. Strategising, planning, budgeting, and executing – VMR is the Ad boss!

LGS Team DP (Manjith)
Manjith (Agent M)
The Consigliere

Driven by marketing, he helps us expand our horizons. He is a crucial part of our business, who’s stood by us at all times, right from its inception. We are grateful for his timely input, advice and for diversifying our clients.

Sr Web Developer / Designer

He speaks in code and creates the most beautiful websites for our clients. Turn to this wizard for all things web development and see your websites come to life in a jiffy!

Rohith Romanus Roy
Rohith Romanus Roy W
Creative Designer

A quirky, creative guy, he brings colour and context into everything he designs and turns them into masterpieces. He’s a fashion, music and coffee lover, too!

Swetha Suresh
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

If you want results, she is the one you need to look towards. Testing is her middle name, and and she always exceeds her goals. A true all-rounder, she’s a foodie, a fashionista and loves to travel!

Vrinda Abilash
Content Writer

Her content speaks for her, and she brings fresh, quirky and out-of-the-box ideas to the table and weaves it into her writing. Apart from churning great copies, she loves to eat, travel and take photos!

Ameen Abdul Rahman
Senior Social Media Specialist

His attention to detail and meticulous work ethic is something we all can learn a thing or two from. A social media master, he bridges the gap between our clients and business, helping it to be as seamless as possible.

Sophie Christine
Social Media Specialist

A perfectionist, her ideas in everything she does are a class apart. She is always striving for excellence and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. She also helps around the team and keeps things lively at the office!

Azhagu Narendran
Sr SEO Specialist

He helps our clients outrank and outperform competition with his amazing SEO strategies. Lord of keywords and protector of websites, he’s the one to get in touch with to always rank in the first page of search engines! Wanna bet with Narendran?

LGS - Squad - Vigneshwaran
Sr Digital Marketing Specialist

If it’s a numbers game, Vigneshwaran is sure to win. He does everything from planning solid campaigns to fixing the right marketing funnels for brands! If you want to improve your brand’s performance, talk to this expert!

Artboard 1 (1)
Raghul V
Client Success Specialist

He’s our clients’ bestie! From onboarding to making sure the clients have a great experience with us, Raghul does it all. Wanna go viral? He’s got a knack for spotting viral posts and we turn to him for his expert opinion on these!

LGS - Squad - Veera Dinesh
Sr Creative Designer

Dinesh can transform a blank canvas into something spectacular with his creative genius. A master of his craft, he always thinks a step ahead and brings his designs to life with his unique ideas, colour scheme and typography skills!

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