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5 Reasons Why Chat-bots Are Indispensable For Any Business

We have already seen chatbots around for some time now. They have easily made their way into the mainstream digital media today. Chatbots allow a brand to seamlessly communicate with its audience or end-user. With the combination of AI and making use of its advancements, chatbots will only become stronger finding even better uses in the near future.

In this blog, let’s go through what chatbots really are and why is it essential for a business to have chatbots today.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is nothing but a computer program that is designed using artificial intelligence and algorithms. The essence of this program, when run, is to allow a business to interact with the end-user using a chat interface. It is the small chat box that pops onto your screen when you open a new website sometimes. Interacting with this usually feels like you are almost interacting with a fellow human being.

Chatbots are clever as they can be programmed to mimic user behaviour through artificial intelligence and machine learning. They become more intelligent by interacting more with humans. This is the primary reason why it can be essential for a business to have a chatbot. 

Not convinced yet? We will list down 5 essential reasons why your brand must get one! Buckle up and here we go! 

1. Personalize your customer service 

Chatbots can greatly help personalize customer service for a brand. Research tells us that almost 80% of online shoppers need help while purchasing a product. A chatbot can help fill the position of a real person and help the user in real-time. This helps in taking the user experience with your brand to a whole new level and can help them convert into potential leads. 

Chatbots are the #1 way to provide real-time, 24×7 customer support and services to your user base. The workload of a company reduces gradually by taking the support of such features for their business. They now have time to focus on other important aspects of the business. It also means that you have taken the necessary steps to answer customer queries at any given point in time. This will definitely add more stars to your badge and earn you a good reputation amongst your patrons and customers. You must have already had this experience with the Facebook chatbot, Messenger chatbot and other ones on different websites. 

2. Earn customer insights directly

A chatbot allows you to gather customer-related data and directly provides information about your services and products to them. This helps you to be two steps ahead of the race and succeed at it. Using these insights, you can immediately alter and modify the chatbot to make it more user friendly. One best way to get customer insights is through surveys. For example, consider a web page that is generating a lot of traffic but they do not convert into leads. In this scenario, a chatbot can help collect all the vital information about the customer. It could also point out why a customer did not choose a particular action at that point in time. 

This data can be used to understand the behaviour and purchasing pattern of the customer and help a brand gain greater control over how a particular user reacts to the marketing and web efforts of the business.

3. Go truly global with chatbots

If you are a business holding the flag at different locations, a chatbot can assist you with multiple languages. This directly means that location no more is a problem for your business. 

This greatly decreases the costs of hiring extra personnel as a fully functional chatbot can reduce the need for an actual person. It is a good time to switch to a chatbot for greater feasibility and efficient results. Get enhanced conversion rates and enjoy filtered, high quality leads.

4. Be updated with a chatbox

Having a chatbot for your business today is like upgrading your mobile or an application on your phone. It is like creating a niche for your brand and being more accessible to the customers. 

Help start a conversation, answer customer queries and take feedback all at once using a chatbot. Make yourself available to the customer and be seen as a brand that cares for them. This gives you a competitive edge from other competitors. Handle more queries all at once and scale your business than ever before. 

5. More affordable than owning an app 

With a chatbot installed for your business, it eliminates the need for an app for it. Apps are expensive and need the help of external sources for design and development. A user is not always inclined to downloading the app on their phones. 

In conclusion, your aim as a business in today’s market must be to be available to your audience at all times, make them feel valued and give importance to the time they spend with you online. A chatbot can help you with all the above points by satisfying each and every one of them. Customized solutions are the key to the success of a brand now. Do not be left behind, install a chatbot today and let your business ride the high tide! If you need help with it, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are Let’s Goo Social, and we are known for our eccentric ideas and mind-blowing campaigns. We are results-driven and have helped scores of businesses increase engagement, connect with customers and get direct responses using chatbots. Reach us here and we will be happy to help you too!