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Top 5 Tips To Acquire Users Through Mobile App Promotion

Mobile app promotion

The mobile app market has reached maturity. Competition is fierce. Apps can be defined as tiny slices of the web presented to smart device users through a dedicated non-browser interface, which is considerably a big business. You are going to have to really grab the attention of the smartphone generation and get them to use your mobile app. 

We highly recommend having a precise and tested mobile app promotion plan in place prior to launch and to treat it as you would any traditional product launch. 

What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing is all about interacting with your users through their entire lifecycle — from when they first hear about your app, to when they become loyal and at last become a regular user. You need to implement the best mobile app promotion strategies so that your app gets in front of all those prospective users and differentiate it from all your competitors in the app stores.

Steps to keep in mind to promote your app

  • Acquisition is the first step in a user’s interaction with your app.  On mobile, user acquisition is a strategy designed around generating installs, usually achieved by advertising campaigns and promotional offers.
  • Activation follows next. The exact meaning of “user activation” differs from app to app, but in general, activation refers to a user’s first actions, such as adding their email address or making an initial purchase. 
  • Retention is at last and the most important step. It is the process of engaging existing customers to continue buying products or services from your business where you will get to know who your loyal customers are.

Top 5 ways to start with mobile app promotion

1. App Store Optimization (ASO) 

App Store Optimization involves optimizing your mobile apps to rank higher in search results and convert at a higher rate. Mobile app marketing is the key to your app’s success. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance, and the keyword density in your description. 

Certain things to consider while planning for ASO could be:

  • The most important ranking factor when it comes to app store optimization is your app’s title. 
  • Just like SEO, ASO analyzes keyword relevance. 
  • Create a stunning app icon to attract your viewers.
  • For added value, include screenshots and videos.
  • From the app perspective, it also focuses on positive reviews and ratings. 

2. Social Media 

You can’t leave out the winner of all promotions – Social media. Despite the heavy focus of most businesses, it is still a very underutilized channel of promotion for mobile applications. With social media, you can get existing users to spend more time using your app, which will ultimately lead to higher conversions and more money for you. The more granular your targeting for app promotions, the more marketing budget you’ll save and the higher your app installments will be. Even user-generated content (UGC) can persuasively illustrate the value of your app. 

3. Reach Out To Influencers

Developing honest, authentic, and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers will go a long way in helping to promote your app. An influencer is a person who is popular/well-known in your market. Nowadays the most commonly used platforms are Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Influencer marketing is the best mostly because it tells a story and us – as people – value stories that we can relate to. Any influencer is not the stairway to success; you need to find the ones who are great storytellers. 

Take these steps to harness the power of influencer marketing,

  • Set targets with your influencers
  • Choose the right platform
  • Story-telling must be the focal point
  • Providing influencers with freedom

4. Press-Releases are important

Properly executing your mobile app PR strategy requires solid planning and intelligent communication with both the media and potential users. A large part of mobile app promotion is choosing the right targets. The most effective PR for apps involves pitching only reporters that are interested in your app. Reach out and build relationships with local and industry press. And do this in parallel with developing your app, or even before the app development has begun. 

A good mobile app PR kit consists of:

  • An extensive App Summary Guide
  • Well-planned Press Release
  • Attractive Screenshots (App & Lifestyle)
  • Design Collateral (Icons, Logos, Banners, etc)
  • Story-telling Videos (Walkthroughs, Intro Video, etc)

5. Customer Feedback 

Feedback from customers helps steer your product roadmap to make the changes quickly and not keep trying to figure out what is going wrong through statistical or analytical data. So always encourage ratings and feedback. The higher the ratings are for your app, the more the chance of it being downloaded. That’s why it’s important to ask your happiest customers to leave reviews – you can do this by email, asking them in person, or by automating the process within your app. By asking for their contact details you can then contact unhappy customers to resolve their issues and request them to leave a new rating on the app store if they were pleased. This kind of app engagement builds a reliable relationship between the customer and the brand.

These are some sure shot ways by which your mobile app can elevate to the top of the rankings. Do you require a more detailed and customized plan to help grow your app through mobile app promotion? Consult with our creative marketing team who can help you with a strategic and thoroughly executed plan to grow your app’s visibility and rank well. We offer top-notch and result-oriented digital marketing services that can help your business reach new heights through our 360-degree services. Reach out to us at IN: +91 9087706000 | SG: +65 8008526877 and our team of digital marketing specialists will get back to you right away.