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Everything You Need To Know About Podcasts In Digital Marketing

We know that Podcasts have been around for slightly over a decade now. The last two years have seen a boom in the popularity of podcasts in digital marketing. This has had digital marketers look for opportunities in this genre too.

The demand for podcast in digital marketing has been consistently growing around the world and both new-age content creators and traditional radio publishers are trying to increase their audience following in new ways. This is a new trend that is shaping marketing.

What can digital managers really do with podcasts and how to market podcasts?

Podcasts allow marketers to reach the audience in a completely new way, apart from the regular social media channels. Creativity plays a major role in gathering a good chunk of the audience on a particular channel.

One of the few and easiest ways to invest in a podcast to get listeners to know you is by becoming a title sponsor, sponsor a particular episode or series but this is just a small part of it.

Let’s look at the different ways podcasts in digital marketing can help digital marketers.

Co-host the entire series

When digital marketers find out that a particular podcast has the right audience, they can join-in and invest in the series to join as a co-host.

They need to be able to strike the perfect balance as the digital marketing team needs to groom the person who is going to be co-hosting from their team and also the podcasting team must also make the necessary adjustments in their show so that the audience doesn’t turn off. This is is a great way of using podcast in digital marketing.

Interview businesses and their partners

The audience is always hungry for new information, especially ones that they want to know the answers to. Digital marketers generally work with a pool of brands that are not well known. They can market these on different podcast channels by creating a series that interviews business owners and the team associated with the brand.

The topics of discussion must be relevant to the audience that are tuning in.

If all is well, an episode or series that discusses interesting topics with the leadership or clients could make a significant impact on the audience.

Brand awareness

Podcasts go by categories. These categories can range anywhere from politics, sports, science, marketing, business, news to even gardening. Each category has a strong audience following interested in a particular topic. They religiously listen in to the host chatting away about their interests.

This provides a great opportunity for digital marketers to engage and work closely with hosts and co-hosts to get different brand mentions going during the show.

Podcasting is a huge industry and podcast in digital marketing is the next big thing. Experts have said that this sees a significant increase in boosting brand recall.

Do you know some best podcasts in digital marketing 2019? What would you want to hear from a digital marketing company? Let us know in the comments below.

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