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How We Got 1500 Leads Through 360-Degree Digital Marketing For Raaghav Rams?

How we got 1500 leads through 360-degree digital marketing for Raaghav Rams

42% of home buyers have used the internet as the first step to search for a home. For many real estate companies, a combination of traditional and digital marketing works best to reach the target audience. The latest trends show how every real estate organisation needs to have a mandatory online presence to gain customers through digital marketing. Since digital marketing is revolutionizing the present market as a realtor, if you don’t leverage digital marketing then you’re mostly missing out on a huge pool of opportunities that can transform your business.

About Raaghav Rams

A prominent real estate company with a history of 10 years in the business, Raaghav Rams have a vision of offering hassle-free and affordable homes built with utmost precision and quality. With numerous projects like apartments and individual homes, Raaghav Rams are a team of real estate professionals who exceed client expectations by delivering dream homes tailored to innovative solutions irrespective of any financial situations.




Challenges Faced Initially

Even though Raaghav Rams is a real estate company, the brand did not have a digital presence so they had a concern of generating more leads to make their business stand out from their competition. Not being located in a core part of Chennai was also a major challenge that needed to be tackled in the digital strategy.

Our Objective

  • Establish a prominent digital presence in the real estate scene.
  • Generate more leads by running successful and relevant digital marketing campaigns.

Our Strategy That Worked!

1. Website Design & Development

A neatly executed responsive website surely gives a brand a boost in terms of brand awareness and brand image. Nowadays customers do not directly enquire about a service or reach the office without actually searching for it’s website. Since the website has a lot of importance for a brand’s digital growth, we executed a responsive and user friendly website about Raaghav Rams specifying their projects, brief introduction, specific amenities along with a direct CTA – Book Now to help customers get an outlook about Chennai’s most affordable properties by Raaghav Rams.

2. Running Facebook Campaigns

  • We carefully executed the campaign keeping in mind the target audience for the brand and employed strategies that will help gain leads. Our target audience was:-
  • Age group from 30-65+
  • People within a radius of 15 Km
  • People in Chennai looking for affordable homes

The ads highlighted the benefits and amenities of one of the latest projects – Grand SagaCity. Since Avadi is not a very popular choice for residents who want to live in Chennai, we specifically communicated the benefits of moving into this place as it is near to school, colleges, theaters, hospitals, and more. This helped us establish how Grand SagaCity is easy to move-in, affordable and definitely residential for anyone looking for a new home. We then ran ads on other projects like Gems Court which also garnered leads for Raaghav Rams helping in bringing more revenue for them.

3. Landing Page And PPC Campaigns

The landing page highlighted all the benefits of having a home in Avadi especially at Grand SagaCity. This helped in running successful search and banner ad campaigns which further helped in improving conversions. Our campaigns gave good results that helped us gain a loyal customer base for Raaghav Rams. Our relationship with the client paved way digital growth and understanding and this is what our client, Hema’s feedback was,

“Our sales improved a lot and we were very satisfied with the quality of leads.”

4. Social Media Design And Management

Further maximizing the reach of our campaigns, we started promoting the brand on social media by creating eye-catchy, relevant and crisp posts for our target group. Our communication highlighted why places like Avadi are so good for moving in for families. We made sure to highlight every project of Raaghav Rams, mentioning its specifications and even utilised testimonial videos to build traction. Our team of social media marketers curated content, managed posts and ran campaigns to generate brand awareness that interested the audience.

5. Vernacular Content Creation

Keeping in mind the target audience for the campaigns set initially, we made sure our content was set in a tone of Tamil and English making it in ‘Tanglish’. The team executed crisp, eye-catchy and relevant content keeping in mind the strategy of the campaign. This experimental move helped us gain leads that were challenging yet rewarding. We made sure that such leads kept on pouring by emphasizing more on vernacularism in our future ads.

Results Achieved:

The campaigns achieved great traction and were able to achieve the following results in less than 10 days:-

  • The cost per lead (CPL) was Rs. 180
  • The lead generation campaign yielded 1500 leads.

That’s our case study which helped us increase real estate sales through a strategic digital marketing campaign for our client. We are a leading social media marketing agency in Chennai that helps your branding create a consistent online presence by making it more recognizable and note-worthy through strategic digital marketing campaigns. If you don’t believe us, talk to us to know more.