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360° Marketing In Advertising: How To Use It To Uplift Your Brand?

While coming up with a strategy, it’s crucial to use all types of data and insights in order to get a better look at your customers, their behaviors, their needs, and their preferences. Your brand will reach a wider audience with the right information and the right digital marketing strategy.

Are you aware that when customers buy a vehicle, they hit over 800 different touchpoints? These touchpoints are said to be the customer’s journey of reaching your brand. An advertising agency in Chennai will need to better understand the journey of the customer through a  time-tested method called a 360-degree marketing strategy. Keep reading more to learn all the nuances of 360-degree marketing strategy

What is 360-degree Marketing?

A 360-degree marketing strategy, as the name suggests is an integrated plan whose main aim is to reach the target audience by leveraging multiple platforms and channels. This kind of strategy generally combines both traditional marketing and digital marketing mediums in order to infuse within the entire customer journey. A strategy like this will ensure that the customers undergo a positive experience of communication regardless of where they are or what device they may be using. 

How to Use 360-degree marketing campaign to build a brand?

If you want your 360-degree marketing campaign to be effective and stand out amongst all, a promising advertising agency in Chennai will recommend a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Understand Your Target Audience 

Before you deep-dive into your marketing campaign, figure out who and where your target audience is at. If you narrow down your focus then you’ll understand where the target audience is more active. Take the time to research where they will mostly receive your message and acts towards it. You can gather lots of information from social media platforms insights and Google Analytics metrics.

2. Figure Out Your Purpose and Plan

Once you’ve identified your TA, it is crucial to determine the purpose of your campaign. You may be looking forward to boosting brand awareness or gathering leads. Whatever the case may be, you should utilize the research you did on your target customers which will help you narrow down your focus according to the plan and purpose.

3. Map Out Your Customer Journey and Touchpoints

As a marketer, you need to know that the content, platforms, and strategy you use will change from one stage of the funnel to the next. Your brand would want to reach your target audience at the right time in the right place.  Start figuring out the customer’s journey from the time they become familiar with your brand to the time they made a purchase to potentially becoming advocates for your brand. The points of contact will change therefore you need to know how to reach your customers during each stage of the buying journey.

4. Establish the Channels You’re Going to Use

Remember that you will need to create a detailed list of the potential channels you will be utilizing to reach your target audience. Don’t only focus on traditional platforms or digital platforms. Instead, you should consider all channels that can work out for you. A reliable advertising agency in Chennai may not necessarily use every single channel out there but they will make sure to utilize the one that increases your brand reach.

5. Ensure Coherence Across All Channels

It is absolutely essential that you maintain cohesion across all the marketing channels.  As you are now familiar with your target audience and various touchpoints, making an overall content plan is now easy.  The main aim here is to ensure that your message —no matter the channel — reaches the audience to convey the same meaning. This is true to establish cohesion whether you are using a social media post or a billboard.

6. Monitor Your Results and Track Conversions

In the end, you need to monitor the results and track the number of conversions and where have they come from. With some channels, you can check your metrics as often as every day, allowing you to make changes to your strategies. By assessing this data regularly, you will know whether your research worked out in the first place or not. Remember that your brand needs to be flexible since there is a high probability that the needs of your audience may change.

An ad agency in Chennai will always use a compressive marketing approach that consists of PPC, social media, and other forms of marketing to make sure brand resonates with the right audience. At Let’s Goo Social, we are dedicated to see your brand succeed. It is our one and only goal to grow your business with time-tested digital marketing strategies to outrun your competition. Contact us today @ +91 9087706000 to build a solid 360 degree marketing plan for your brand

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