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Looking for a lead generation company with wide experience in all sectors?

We are all aware that lead generation drives success to a brand! But are you aware that the quicker you act on lead generation, the more ROI you’re going to generate? Yes, it’s true, lead generation should be a fast-paced tactical procedure that can earn huge profits and slide your way toward victory by helping become #1. 

You might be wondering what’s an ideal and cost-effective medium to do that! Worry not, the answer lies in one such form of marketing called ‘Digital’. We are one of the top-rated lead generation companies in Chennai having more than 6 years of expertise in helping you achieve high-quality leads that will generate newer business opportunities for your brand. If you want to know more about why we are the best, keep reading more!

Ever wondered about how a customer came to know about your business? He might have seen a review or word of mouth or might have seen a billboard. There are many ways to target your customer and you need to know about the various strategies that will work for your brand. Various types of B2B lead generation methods include the following however these are the ones mostly used in digital marketing.

  • Writing content with an attractive CTA, for example, a blog or social post
  • Email marketing campaigns for a dedicated group who have shown prior interest
  • Paid Ads/Remarketing to get the desired action from the viewers and turn them into customers
  • Social Media marketing that might include swipe-up links, bitly deals, and follow-us deals.

Lead generation is not a tough task until you carve out a plan for what you want to gain from your customers. Should they buy your product or become advocates for your brand? The question lies in the action and the answer lies in the process. We will now outline a clear process of how we at LGS carry out our lead generation for your brand and convert potential buyers into trustworthy customers.

1. Finding the lead

First, we figure out why a particular lead will be interested in your solution by listening to your needs and wants. When we have a clear picture of who your leads are and what they talking about, we can attract them by offering the right content at the right time.

2. Attracting the leads through strategic content

Do you know that content marketing gets 3x times more leads than paid search advertising? That’s why engaging content is a must to attract your customers. We make sure your leads get attracted to the content you produce. It can be blogs, infographics, videos, posts, case studies, webinars, and whitepapers. 

3. Capturing the lead info

The next logical and strategic step is to capture their details so that they can be used as your business lead. But you might be wondering how to capture this information. Subscribing to newsletters or people who land on your website through SEO to fill up a form are some of the ways. Also, we use live chatbots, video calls, etc to capture them.

4. Nurturing the leads

Once we have collected the details, we offer even more personalized content to make them consider your solution. One of the best ways is to send them emails often to stay connected. If anyone is interested in your content and wants to subscribe to your newsletter we send a couple of emails with attractive subject lines mentioning new product releases, sales vouchers, interactive tips, and more.

5. Lead scoring

A popular tactic where we give the highest scores for leads who often visit your website, interact more often, download content, respond to mail and make free trial sign-ups. Lead scoring will help focus on the prospects who can become potential customers. With lead scoring, you can tell how ready the lead is to buy your product.

6. Converting into customers

Turning those leads into customers is the primary focus of the sales team. So the sales team will provide personal attention such as in-person demos, sales calls, free trials, and on-site visits. Our team will also make sure the customer experience is deeply personalized which will turn those one-time customers into trustworthy buyers.

We are 100% committed to working with brands who believe in their product and have the patience to grow. As of the fastest-growing lead generation companies in Chennai, we will help you find more leads, close more sales and increase your ROI, thereby garnering huge success for your brand. If you would like to see your business prosper in the long run, don’t forget to give us a call @ +91 9087706000 to know more.

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