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The Best 6 Viral Marketing Campaigns That Created The Buzz

Creative Digital Marketing Campaigns

We come across hundreds of ads flashing at our faces every day. For a digital marketing agency or company or anyone who is remotely interested in advertising and marketing, it is important to sit back and reflect as to why is that only a handful of them create that impact on the end user.

We’ve already discussed about some famous brands, their campaigns and the impact they’d created in our previous blog. Find it here.

It is an unsaid rule that only when strategy, content, and design come together does the magic happen and the next few brands have aced at marketing their campaigns in the most attractive way possible. Read more to find out about the best digital marketing campaigns.

1. Life Without Netflix campaign by Netflix

About: Netflix is the world’s most popular on-demand media streaming platform.

Challenge:It had to tap into one of the world’s biggest markets – India!

Execution: They needed to be clever in order to strike the cord with the Indian audience. As expected, they took a desi route and created something extraordinary. They released a few short videos featuring stand-up comedian, Abish Mathew from All India Bakchod, a recognized face among the youngsters and the youth in India. Throughout the campaign, they subtly highlighted the advantages of Netflix over traditional TV watching with their wide choice of shows and films to choose from.

Result: The hashtag #LifeWithoutNetflix and #TheNetflixLife generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign was well executed and achieved a lot of traction and response on social media.

2. Alexa Loses Her Voice Campaign by Amazon

About: Alexa is amazon’s most iconic creation yet. It is a artificial intelligence assistant, helping one in their everyday lives.

Challenge: This was a super bowl ad commercial and it had to create an impact during that window.

Execution: Bringing in notable celebrities to replace Alexa’s voice was a brilliant move. It sends out a deeper message as to how embedded technology is in our lives today.

Result: The commercial has nearly 30 million views on YouTube since it was published the week before the game, and it topped USA Today’s Ad Meter as audience’s favourite commercial.

3. Know Your Lemons Campaign for Breast Health Education

About: Know Your Lemons is a non-profit organization that is changing the picture of breast cancer worldwide. They are committed to educating your consumers about breast health.

Challenge: To talk about the topic of breast cancer in the most fun way possible.

Execution: This is probably one of the best examples of cause marketing. This topic, which is almost considered a taboo in many places had to reach the masses surpassing culture, language, and readability. A well designed visual and great content is the secret of its success.

Result: During the initial three-weeks, Beaumont says that the campaign was seen more than 166 million times.

4. Share The Load Campaign by Ariel

About: Ariel is a well-known laundry detergent company in India.

Challenge: With loads of ads about washing and laundry detergents around, they had to stand out with this campaign.

Execution: This one has to be Ariel’s most successful campaign yet. They tapped the topic of gender inequality in this campaign and brought together their ideology and brand identity through the hashtag #ShareTheLoad. This highlighted the fact that both men and women can do laundry and became the talk of the town.

Result: This campaign won a Glass Lion for its content marketing.

5. Bobby Missing Campaign by Chumbak

About: Chumbak is an Indian brand, selling quirky merchandise.

Challenge: Chumbak launched its #BobbyMissing campaign to promote the opening of their New Delhi store to create a buzz and engage with their customers and fans on social media.

Execution: They used a character from their popular Bobbleheads collection and constantly updated their social media pages with images announcing the spotting of the missing Bobble Head Bobby in various big events and cities, which got them good traction on social media. The campaign ended with Bobby finally making an appearance thus introducing their Delhi store.

Result: This is a great example of how one can create a buzz using creative marketing tactics.

6. Deals Ka Chaand Campaign by Flipkart

About: Flipkart is one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms known to sell everything under the sky. 

Challenge: They had to come up with a campaign that attracts India’s audience by keeping the tradition and values in place. The campaign also needed to push their products through The Big Billion Sale. 

Execution: Flipkart just nails it with their quirky ads and this too was one of those. In a new attempt, they made use of VR or virtual reality to bring their campaign to life. The e-commerce giant promoted its yearly sale – The Big Billion Days Sale via an interactive ad that made use of seeing the auspicious moon, with the theme “Deals Ka Chaand”. Making the use of VR, the ad prompted the user to find the moon using the phones to reveal the sale and offers. This also could be shared on their social networking sites, increasing reach. 

Result: The campaign was a roaring success that saw a huge participation from the audience.

Content is becoming more and more important, particularly content that packs a punch. Creative agencies must constantly evolve with the times and come up with innovative and disruptive ideas to stand apart. More power to the best digital marketing campaigns out there!

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