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#10 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of 2019 That Will Make You Go Wow

Digital marketing is all about putting out fresh and innovative content that catches the eye. Upgrading from where you are right now is a good start.

It can be hard for a digital marketing strategy to be successful. In order to increase brand awareness, the idea must connect with your audience. A great way to get inspired is by looking at what the well-known brands have done this time to garner the attention of their audience. This year didn’t disappoint as well and brought out some of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019.

We have collated 10 such amazing digital marketing campaigns and ideas that will blow your mind!

These brands are taking customer experience to another level by creating the most awesome campaigns and engaging them with that wow factor.

Read on for the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019.

1. Burger King – Escape The Clown Campaign.


Coinciding with the release of the clown movie – ‘It Number Two’ and in an aim to target McDonald’s customers, Burger King released the #EscapeTheClown campaign. The idea was that using geo-targeting, the customers will receive a message on their Twitter and Facebook accounts, asking them to open McDonald’s cinema magazine and to read the review of the movie. The readers were now asked to scan the page on the Burger King App.

Once they clicked on the ‘Escape The Clown’ button, a red balloon would float up with a coupon for a Whopper at one cent only! If this wasn’t cool enough, they had a timer set for the customers to rush to the nearest Burger King location to claim the offer! What a fun concept, we say!

2. Doritos – No Name And Logo Campaign.


What is in a brand name? The answer to this on any normal day would’ve been “EVERYTHING” but our favourite chips brands recently chose to do the exact opposite. The brand in its efforts to support the audiences’ aversion towards projecting in the face branding and overt advertising, released a new campaign called, “chip so iconic, we don’t need to name it”. The ads pointed out triangular shapes describing how they are, to let the consumers figure it out for themselves.

3. BMW i – #RoadToCoachella Campaign.


BMW has been releasing attractive and creative campaigns along with the creative team of Coachella Music Festival. This year, they teamed up with one of the most popular artists of this generation – Khalid. The latest designs were inspired by the cover of his new music album. The German carmaker made use of influencer marketing in one of the biggest music events worldwide to showcase their brand new product.

4. Pepsi – #PepsiMoreThanOK Campaign.


The Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest events for sports but also for brands to show off their creativity in the form of ads. Every year, people wait with anticipation to see spectacular ads being released. This year, Pepsi did not disappoint. A woman at a dinner orders coke while the waiter asks her: “Is Pepsi OK?”. The ad then shows famous faces like Steve Carell, CardiB and Lil Jon confirm that Pepsi is More Than Ok, adding to the fact here that Pepsi is better than Coke. The rivalry is never-ending but we are happy to be seeing innovative and creative commercials like these from them, isn’t it?

5. Heinz Ketchup – Pour Perfect Campaign.


Heinz recently redesigned their logo to show us the perfect pouring angle. This innovative tutorial is a fresh and inviting idea, don’t you think?

6. PornHub – Save The Ocean Campaign.


Today, brands like PornHub are taking the initiative to do something about the environment. This is not one of their first campaigns to help mother nature. Remember the Beesexual Campaign? This time, in an effort to save the world (literally), they have launched the ‘Dirtiest Porn Ever’ campaign which was shot on one of the most polluted beaches. For every video watched, the brand is donating to a nonprofit that is working towards removing plastic from the oceans. This is one of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2019.

7. Mastercard – Priceless Surprises Campaign.


Mastercard is not new to the game of classic ads. It gave away free surprises to its cardholders with a once in a lifetime experience without any purchases.

8. Swiggy – Voice Of Hunger Campaign.


This innovative campaign saw participation from influencers and actors. The #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger challenge was open for all users and saw over 10,000 entries in a day! The challenge was to create the shape of kebab skewer, pancakes and others using voice notes and the winner had a chance to win a year’s worth of Swiggy vouchers.

9. Bajaj Auto – #SonsOfVikrant Campaign.


The auto giant created a series of Bajaj Auto’s V series using the metal from India’s Naval aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. A special logo was used to commemorate our country’s pride. What are your thoughts about this?

10. National Geographic – #PlanetOrPlastic Campaign.


Tackling the issue of plastic, National Geographic released a multi-year campaign called #PlanetOrPlastic. Its aim is to address the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and the environment. It is raising awareness about the use of single-use plastic that ends up in the ocean. Plastic or planet, what do you choose?

11. Sephora – Identify As We Campaign

Sephora cements its commitment to exclusivity through its “Identify As We” campaign. This campaign celebrates the LGBTQ, gender fluid, and non-binary people while giving the audience a beautiful message. This campaign takes you through a beautiful journey where the video follows the cast as they dance, drive, put on make up, and go to the beach. This ad helps foster a greater sense of belonging within the beauty industry. We would love to see more brands taking up such an initiative. Don’t you agree?

Do you know of other best digital marketing campaigns of 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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