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Guide To Digital Healthcare Marketing | LGS Digital Agency

72% of mobile users use Mobile Health apps. And healthcare should be at your fingertips, agreed? The healthcare industry is continually on the lookout for the next technological advancement by gearing up with the digital ‘pulse’ of branding. Today, most people search for ailments, book doctor appointments, and read hospital/clinic reviews before visiting. Therefore, a healthcare digital marketing agency will help build a strong and dynamic online presence for their target audience.

Digital marketing reaps many benefits to doctors and healthcare medical professionals. It showcases healthcare services to a wide public and helps in managing its brand image by attracting new customers to its business. It also enables the doctors’ clinics to access a host of new tools and techniques to serve the patients and healthcare seekers in a professional and more efficient manner. Doctors can now get tremendous exposure and reach millions of people through digital marketing via social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, and content marketing. Here, we will discuss various digital marketing techniques that will expand the growth of your healthcare services in the online space.

1. Search Engine Optimization 

SEO for healthcare plays an important role for HCPs as it helps a hospital, clinic, or center’s website to rank higher and maybe come on top of the Search Engine Result Page. This is an advantage as it gives your brand better visibility, which then leads to more and more consumers/patients visiting your website and booking an appointment. Your website and mobile experience go hand in hand. Make sure that while optimizing for mobile you look into more than just site speed. This will include adding on-page CTAs to help your audience navigate and ensuring that a search bar is present on the screen which will give them the ability to switch between various services with a simple menu. 

2. Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC advertising helps in reaching a more prequalified and determined set of audiences. The best thing about PPC is that the advertiser only pays when the ad is selected by the audience you have targeted. Although this form of digital marketing sounds fairly straightforward, “healthcare” is one of the toughest streams for advertisers to navigate successfully. However, PPC ads open up new opportunities to get high-quality traffic and convert these potential leads to your online medical center when done right. Since the ad performance is measurable, as a marketer you will get an idea about various approaches that are working out for your campaigns.

3. Social Media Marketing

Keep in mind that every social media platform has a unique user base. Leverage social media to listen to your patient’s concerns and make amendments accordingly. Complaints should be handled by social media marketers through online communities and discussion forums on Facebook. Your posts can provide doctor tips, heath quotes, medical facts, and brand-centric content. You can utilize images, YouTube videos, infographics and share it on Pinterest and Facebook. Healthcare brands can use social media channels to engage visitors through online contests as well. 

4. Content Marketing

Before gearing up for your content marketing strategies, you need to narrow down your target audience’s business goals and demographic data. Effective planning beforehand will help your organization to frame a robust content marketing strategy. Make sure to list down your content marketing strategies as it will help understand your business ROI statistics effectively. An ideal content strategy should have a dedicated goal, targeted group, key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your goals, content type, resources and tools, content calendar, and the right marketing platform. By making sure all these things are in your content strategy will help your healthcare brand create a thorough content marketing plan for your business.

5. Email Marketing

Email is actually a very useful and cost-effective form of reaching your target group. The average open rate for healthcare emails is 23.46% with a super-high 3.62% click-through rate. It’s one of the highest open rates among all the industries. Email communication opens up a direct line of communication with your patients. The best thing about email marketing is that you can target your audiences with personalized emails based on their interests, medical conditions, etc.

The importance of digital marketing for healthcare service delivery cannot be neglected. If you’re yet to implement this strategy, now is the right time as a patient’s experience will remain the most crucial factor for a successful digital marketing strategy. If you’re on the lookout for the most reliable healthcare digital marketing agency, partner with Let’s Goo Social. We are a 360-degree independent digital marketing company catering to all kinds of industries that are still struggling in the online world to build a better brand identity. Call our experts @ +91 9087706000 and understand how you can level up your digital marketing strategy!