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Top 5 WooCommerce Hosting For Startups In 2021


It’s been a long time since WordPress established itself as the No.1 blogging software but thanks to a large archive of plugins and themes, it’s convenient for developers to  deploy all these with any manner of website due to WordPress. The most impressive thing is that you can have a functioning website configured and live in almost no time at all, even if all you have is a passing familiarity with web hosting.

WooCommerce is another important extension of WordPress that enables the setup and automation of a fully featured e-commerce platform. Unlike other cumbersome extensions and plugins, WooCommerce is powered by Automattic, the inventors of WordPress. This is the reason why integrating any number of other WordPress plugins with WooCommerce is a smooth process. This makes WooCommerce a popular platform among all and not just with small enterprises but also among established enterprises.

There are a whole bunch of useful themes and plugins targeted exclusively at WooCommerce. Even though WooCommerce is free of cost and offers no restrictions on how to use it on the software for your website, some of its themes and extensions that come with additional useful functionality are developed by third parties, and are not free. 

What are the best WooCommerce hosting providers?

Hosting should offer a variety of services to help your business in its online efforts. While the traditional approach is to register a domain name and buy a hosting plan, there are various other hosting providers which offer WooCommerce hosting.

If you’ve already decided on WooCommerce as the ideal software for your e-commerce platform, opting for a specialised hosting plan is the appropriate call here. This is because apart from troubleshooting and help, these hosting providers come with added features to help you grow your business.

1. Siteground

One of the cheapest and easiest available WooCommerce hosting options in the market today but however comes with many in-app restrictions where you can access only one single website limited to only 10 GB storage space and 10K monthly visitors. But in terms of functionality, this one is the best for established e-commerce platforms that are on the verge of switching to other hosting providers so that your business grows rapidly as it comes in many customized plans.

2. Bluehost

Another affordable WooCommerce hosting provider is Bluehost which is available in Standard and premium versions. Apart from all the common features that come with it, there are many more too like, setting up a blog, setting up an e-commerce store, 24/7 customer support, themes, etc. It also offers it’s own website traffic analytics which can help in user research about performance, reports, trends and orders. 

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is nothing but 1-click installs of various apps and services including WooCommerce. Even though the process is not easy and comprehensible, you will be setting up the theme and other plugins of WooCommerce by yourself. Its cheapest plan is 100 GB SSD storage while others have unlimited NVMe storage. You can pair this with the migration of your existing site that is free and then A2 hosting makes more sense for businesses who want to switch other hosting options for enhanced performance. It comes with many features like 24/7 support over email, chat and phone, choosing server location and many others.

4. Liquid Web

Previously Liquid Web offered many drawbacks such as too high prices and a low cap on monthly transactions, when it was launched for providing hosting services. But now it’s not the same, it has sorted all its issues and offers competitive plans. But what sets it different from other WooCommerce or WordPress hosting providers is the huge number of WooCommerce specific features on offer. For example Liquid Web provides Astra Pro which is said to be a faster e-commerce theme. Similarly, it helps in focusing on mobile optimized websites.

5. WP Engine

WordPress recommends WP Engine for large stores. However this doesn’t imply that small businesses can’t use WP Engine, you’re unlikely to appreciate its offerings, when compared to its pricing, if you are just starting out. All plans have features that will help deliver intuitive experiences to visitors. These include a curated list of tested and recommended ecommerce plugins, a CDN, optimized caching, etc. All these and more features are geared towards delivering a fast experience.

A store is equivalent to the products it offers. Apart from offering the choice of physical or digital products, WooCommerce also provides features such as size, colours, regular/sale price, etc. to each product. Depending on your configuration of the appearance, you can set up your WooCommerce store to display a list of similar products to your website visitors.

If you’re still wondering which hosting is good for your business we can help. At Let’s Goo Social we bring 100% responsive, reliable and informative websites to keep the visitors stay on your page. It is high-time for businesses, especially start-ups to go digital today. Let us help you create more value for your work and showcase it to your target audience. Contact us today @ +91 9087706000 to know more!

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