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This Google Florida 2 Update Is Important And Big. Here’s Why!

Google Update Florida 2

Google has brought in another core update called Florida 2 and Danny Sullivan of Google has confirmed it. The reaction to the update has been quite positive.

After the update, some content publishers noticed slight changes in their links and rankings.

Early reactions indicated that in the weeks leading up to the update, people noticed multiple reports of aggressive spidering of the Googlebot. This was an interesting thing to watch.

Every year, Google changes its ranking algorithm 500-600 times. Some are tiny tweaks while some can cause sudden upsets in the SERP trends. SERPs are Search Engine Results Page that is displayed when a user searches for a query.

How big is the new Google Update?

Experts and SEO gurus alike think that this is one of the biggest rollouts in years. Previously, the other Google updates were small changes but this big update might see a profound change in the rankings.

Why was this named Google Florida Update 2?

Google’s first Florida Update was an important one which was rolled out in the 2000s. The algorithm change coincided with the Pubcon Florida SEO Conference and hence got its name.

The new Google Florida 2 update also coincides with the Pubcon Florida 2019 conference, so it was decided by founder of Pubcon Brett Tabke and Webmaster World that this update will be named, Google Florida Update 2.

The goal of a broad code update is not to target anything in particular, meaning Google is not trying to fix anything therefore not targeting websites or niches. The changes that Google brings in have always been towards bettering the user’s satisfaction and accurately match search queries to web pages. Google confirmed the Google Update Florida 2 was one of those major broad core updates but is not related to Florida 1 update.

Whenever a broad update has happened, the way Google interprets a search query has changed. This has affected the Google rankings of websites. Right now, we need to see more data to understand what exactly has changed.

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