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#6 Must Know New Things In Digital Marketing This Month

Digital Marketing Trends

Working in digital marketing is like driving in the fast lane. You have to be up to date in speeding up to the trends and tweaks that keep happening in this world. You do not want to fall behind in this race for sure! The New Year has seen a number of changes in this sphere, even though it’s only February.
Let’s look at the digital marketing trends in 2019. Here’s a compilation:

1. Facebook Is Rolling Out “Message Unsend” On Messenger For All Users

Facebook is now rolling out its ‘unsend’ message option in Messenger to all users, providing a way to retract previously sent messenger communications within a 10-minute window.

2. Twitter Will Allow You To Edit Your Tweets Now

Let’s face it, we all tweet an “oops” worthy tweet very often. We will finally be able to edit it within the realization time. Twitter will soon roll out an option where you can edit your tweet within 30 secs after tweeting.

3. Facebook Page Admins Can Send Direct Messages From Page Inbox

Facebook had recently announced that it plans to integrate messaging services — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, affirming control over the company’s extensive divisions. Facebook has quietly taken another step towards the unification of its messaging apps, with the announcement that Facebook page admins will now be able to respond to Instagram Direct Messages from their Facebook page inbox.

4. Instagram Brings A New Update On New IGTV Promotions On The Main Page

In this update, a new form of IGTV promos will now be shown in your main Instagram feed whenever a profile you follow shares an IGTV video. The new promo option will give IGTV broadcasters a chance to share a clip from their latest contribution within the main feed – users can then tap through if they want to see more. And while it may feel a little intrusive, it could have significant benefits for Instagram as it looks to encourage more IGTV usage.

5. Google Brings New Chrome Extension To Alert Users Of Hacked Passwords

With cyber and data protection being a hot topic today, the new Password Checkup Chrome extension,, will scan through the hacked databases and alert you if your password is listed when you use a password online.

6. New Google Search Console Goes Live With A New Consolidated View

Google made a preview of the consolidated data view live early. This makes the marketer’s life easy! When you login to Google Search Console and click on performance report, you should see a message at the top that says “Performance data is now based on canonical URLs.” The old view of the data will be available until April 10th.


February was an interesting month for digital marketing with these little but important updates. Did we miss any that you know of? Let us know in the comments below!

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