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Beginner’s Guide To Clubhouse App In 2021


With the huge rise in the invite-only audio app launched in 2020, Clubhouse is clearly getting attributed to the app’s extension to many users particularly Android receiving over 2.6 million downloads on PlayStore. This audio platform lets people chat on a real-time basis, share stories, collaborate, discuss and bounce ideas off among each other using their voice without the need for a lot of other equipment or any other trouble. This app clearly takes the “media” right out of social media and leaves the users with what we’ve always loved and always missed about social media—the platform’s social aspects. But what actually sets Clubhouse apart is the exclusivity of the medium. While we prefer to measure a social media platform’s success through its active members logging in and regularly using that platform every day, Clubhouse has been roaring with success after Elon Musk joined as one of the speakers for a session. The drawback of invitations has only fueled its appeal among entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’re thinking about joining the app and confused about how to go about it, we’ve curated the perfect step-by-step guide so that your navigation is seamless across the app.

Common Terms Used in Clubhouse

Let’s get started with some of the words and terms that are exclusive to the app. This will not only help as you read the following guide but will give you a kickstart about how to use the Clubhouse app too.

Places and Spaces

  1. Room: A room is said to be a place in the Clubhouse app where a conversation takes place. If you are going to listen in on a conversation, it generally takes place in a room.
  2. Open room: A public room that is not user restricted and any user can join.
  3. Closed room: Referred to as a private room that you can create to chat with the users you are selecting. 
  4. Social room: A room that is created for the users you follow. You may also be asked to join a social room. If you add other moderators to your social room, then those users that they follow can join the room as well.
  5. Stage: Within a room, you’ll see those having a conversation displayed on a stage. Here, you can see who the moderator and the speakers are, whose roles we’ll explain below.

User Roles

  1. Moderator: Whoever creates a room on Clubhouse automatically becomes the moderator. This role is heading things like adding and removing speakers, driving the conversation, and keeping the room focused on the relevant topic.
  2. Speaker: A speaker is a person in a room who wishes to talk. Moderators are the ones who invite speakers to join the conversation on the stage.
  3. Listener: The majority of folks on the Clubhouse app are listeners. When a user enters a room, they become a listener and are muted by default. If you prefer to ask a question, then you need to tap the hand icon and wait for the moderator to ask you. 


  1. Club: A group of users having a common interest. You can follow clubs that interest you to see events in the calendar and the feed. You cannot currently ask to join a club but you may be asked to join a club you decide to follow. And you can always start a club of your own! A club is indicated with a greenhouse icon.
  2. Leave Quietly: You can tap this to leave a room when you finish listening in. No one will be notified that you leave.

How To Use Clubhouse App? 

Clubhouse is super-easy to use and way simpler than you think. Once you begin to get along with the app, you are sure to get the hang of how amazing it is. It’s mostly about hosting rooms, joining rooms, and speaking by raising your hand.

For you to see relevant rooms in your Clubhouse feed, you will have to follow people who are from or belong to your topics of interest. If you are going to fiddle around with the app for a few days, you will certainly become a pro at it. Here we give you a brief on how to get started with the app.

1. First, you need to accept an invitation to open the Clubhouse App. 

2. Then filter out and choose topics of interest and follow other users whom you wish to.

3. Get started with setting up your profile. 

4. After that, you can scroll through the discussions taking place in the app. 

5. Then try the Explore page to find different clubs, users, and chat rooms. 

6. You can even join clubs or rooms or start a club.

7. If you want, you can request to speak, add your friends to a room, or leave a room when you want. 

8. Once you leave, you will be able to see upcoming rooms. 

9. At last, you can invite others to Clubhouse.

We are pretty sure that you are eager to join Clubhouse and this guide would have helped you realize why this Social media app is more trending now than ever. Share your thoughts about the app, what you like or dislike, and let us know how your first audio chat went.

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