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How Google AdWords Can Help Your Startup Grow Exponentially

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Advertisements – A Throwback

Before the advent of technology, in the early 1900s, newspapers carried advertisements. Earlier to that, our parents and grandparents came to know about goods and services through announcements on roads. We might have also seen in old cinemas, small kids running behind bullock-carts that carry advertisement pamphlets.

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How Digitization has Played Our Lives?

With that glimpse of our olden days, let us get back to this age of technology. We might see the fingerprints of technology in each and everything around us today. Letting you know the height of digitalization. Mother’s recipe books have been replaced by Youtube cooking channels. Dads have stopped watching the news channels as they have an updated daily news app on their smartphones.

Our grandparents have stopped writing letters for our uncles living abroad, instead of Skype them. Skype has also got a mobile version used on smartphones. Our sisters have started to prefer e-shopping than climbing the stairs of cloth stores and shopping malls. Our brothers are going crazy if an e-commerce giant pitches a sale on electronics.

But how do they come to know about all these? The mobile phone is playing an important role that even while eating, people don’t focus on what they eat. Instead, their attention is on the newsfeed and tweets. eCommerce store owners and other retailers have made use of this span of attention of people wisely. They have started to publish ads on the web.

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Google Ads: The workflow that runs under the hood

We are one of the leading digital marketing companies in Chennai providing complete assistance to expand your brand across the digital platform. If you are looking for a company to build your brand in the digital podium, you type ‘Digital Marketing companies in Chennai’.

Adwords is a tool that’s used to display ads on other sites on the web. You have searched for ‘Digital Marketing companies in Chennai’ yesterday. You will find similar ads following you wherever you go on the web for the next few days. Websites rent out space for advertisers to publish their ads and we can push out ads using Adwords and target those spaces too. This is how it works.

Google uses the cookies in your browser to track a user’s behavior and fires adverts that match your search queries and preferences.

How will this Boost your Brand through Ads?

Let’s say it is a festival season and you are looking for some festive wear online. The ads from the e-commerce giants selling festive wear will follow you wherever you go on the web. You tend to click the ad. These ads will also surprise the customers. This is how the brand-boosting happens through ads.

The Real Transformation

In today’s digital world, announcement, newspaper ads, posters and television ads have been transformed into web ads. These web ads function as described above. Any field from the origin till today has not been the same. Not only the fields, but also the brands that address any field, it’s goods and services are not the same.

To quote an example, the television ad of Airtel, a few years ago, starred A.R.Rahman. The music he composed for that ad won the minds of several people across the world. Today, the Airtel 4G girl also has a massive fan following, much more than some known celebrities.

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The brand and the service they provide has been the same. Their advertising strategy has adopted the trend.

Your wait is over!

To give such a renovation to your brand, start with setting your first step on the Digital Media. There are several Digital Marketing companies in Chennai. We are one among them promising to offer the best Digital Marketing solutions to let the world know your brand.

So your wait is over.

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