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Top 6 Fears Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency, beware of the fears you might face. Since small businesses can’t afford to spend lakhs on getting a digital footprint, they have to choose wisely. Also getting a reasonable position in Google is not a thing that can be done overnight. This takes a huge effort and requires the implementation of all the techniques like SEO, SEM, SMO. We will guide you through the challenges you will face in hiring a digital marketing agency.

So let’s get started,

Fear 1: Selecting the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Business professionals always have the fear of selecting the best digital marketing agency. Finding the right fit can be hard and time-consuming but the first thing you would want to do is to make a list of the digital marketing agencies you want to work with. Do your own research, background check, look at the kind of clients they are handling and their work. Narrow it down to the ones best suited for you and this will leave you with an actual list of agencies to select from.

Fear 2: How will they understand my requirement?

For a digital marketing agency to do their work, you need to give them a clear picture of what you want and how you want. For example, if you want your brand to become familiar or create awareness in a specific city or state mention these parameters to the agency where they will provide you with a proposal for you to go through and decide. So, always be clear on what you are looking for. The more information you provide to them the better they can work.

Fear 3: Trust And Reliability

For this take a look at their work in terms of how good their ads and posts are? How long they had been in the industry? Are they aware of the latest updates? Have they worked in multiple domains or your domain? Do their clients provide positive feedback? All this information will show you if the agency is trustworthy and reliable. The data you have gathered will help you to narrow it down to a couple of agencies which will make it a lot easier for you to decide.

Fear 4: The Do’s and Don’ts while talking to a digital marketing agency

Always keep your questions ready in hand and make sure you get the answers you are looking for. There are a few questions to ask a digital marketing agency which will give you a complete insight about their capabilities.

Things you should do at a digital marketing agency:

  • Ask them, what sort of clients do they work for (or) have they worked for?
  • Ask them, what is their approach towards providing marketing for your Industry?
  • Ask them if they can tell you about their mission and their team? What are their strengths as a group?
  • Tell them your budget and ask them what they can do for your industry within the given budget?

Things you shouldn’t do at a digital marketing agency:

  • Never start talking without a budget.
  • Never say that other digital marketing agencies are doing this, why not you?
  • Be patient, the results do take time to achieve.

Fear 5: Expecting blazing fast results is not a good habit

Hope by now you are convinced that hiring a digital marketing agency will help your business overall in the digital front.

Fear 6: Is it wise to get an In-House Team or A Digital Marketing Agency?

Managing online marketing might be difficult and expensive for startups or small businesses, that’s where a digital marketing agency comes into place. There are 5 benefits of hiring a marketing agency which are as follows:

Affordability – Why hire a digital marketing agency? It will give you full access to a team of professionals for the cost of hiring one specialist. But hiring an in-house team will cost a lot as you need to hire an SEO specialist, SEM specialist, Social Media Manager and designer. So basically the cost of hiring a marketing agency will help you save money as they already have a team to work.

Marketing Expertise – A Digital Marketing agency places its best practices for online marketing as they have vast expertise in dealing with various businesses. You will gain access to social media professionals, SEO professionals, content writers, web designers and much more.

Updated Strategy –Marketing agencies are well aware and updated about what works and what doesn’t work. Agencies will also know how to drive results and can show you the best design options for your campaigns.

Evaluating Competitors – Digital marketing agencies have dealt with various industries and clients so they have better knowledge at measuring competitors. As competitor tracking can be a hassle and deploying tools can be expensive, to sort these issues, marketing agencies have a strategy planned for it.

Tools and Technologies – With so many tools available these days it is not much of a hassle to increase productivity and efficiency in performance. Lamentably, all these tools are quite expensive for small or medium-sized companies. But digital marketing agencies will have access and subscription to all of them where they can track the ad activities, find the latest trends, get updates on the latest features and many more. With all these advantages a digital marketing agency can provide you with exceptional output where an in-house team might end up spending a lot of money on running ads


In order to establish a unique social presence of your business, it is necessary to opt for a marketing agency as they know what would be essential for your business and how your brand can be marketed? Let’s Goo Social stands out in terms of eliminating these fears. So worry not, once you sign up with us, we will provide you with best results like:

  • Publishing and Scheduling new social media posts.
  • Reviewing social media analytics.
  • Curating a list of engaging and quality content to be shared.
  • Researching new influencers.
  • Engaging with followers.
  • Bringing your landing page, images and youtube videos in the top search result using SEO.
  • Using SEM we can promote websites by increasing their visibility in SERPs.
  • SMO helps you bring in impressions and conversions by using proper keywords and hashtags relatable to the post.

Hope this post gives you an insight into what are the challenges you will be facing while hiring a digital marketing agency. At Let’s Goo Social we help you to create your own digital footprint.

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