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The Worst 7 Scams Digital Marketing Companies Are Pulling On You

Today, without the internet, the world would literally shut down. With 3.58 billion internet users today, the industry has a 50% penetration rate. Every business on the planet is migrating to the digital sphere and in a few years, nearly 75% of them will go digital.

There are many advantages to this but on the other end; there is a dark side to it too. Like any industry today, digital marketing sees deception and fraudulence. Digital marketing scams affect small and large businesses. This is more prevalent when it comes to small businesses as they are often cash strapped, uninformed or are just starting their business.

The rates and offers given by some companies are tempting and we often tend to fall into the trap. It is important to choose the right digital marketing company for your business type and genre.

We have listed the top 7 digital marketing scams you should be aware of before choosing a digital marketing agency for your business.

1. Instant Followers, Likes, Shares, And Comments On Facebook & Instagram!

Have you come across ads and calls promising you 10K followers on Instagram and 1000 likes on Facebook instantly? You must understand that good marketing takes time. Nothing can be done in a day or a few hours of starting something here. Do stay away from such posts. Scammers use fake accounts that often do not have any following to generate fake likes and comments. You can use your money to run proper engagement generating ads on Facebook.

2. Rank #1 On Google In Just 2 Months!

Google is the smartest cookie around and scammers try to beat the system by malicious practices which ultimately end in failure. One can’t bypass a complicated system like SEO. You need patience, continuous work and some brain power to get your website ranking good on Google. It typically takes anywhere from 5-6 months for your website to come to the first page.

3. Hiring People With No Experience In The Field.

Interns and employees with no or very little experience in the field can do more bad than good for your company. It can be a cost-cutting technique but the output would be a clear indicator of who’s done the work. Remember, the internet is extremely judging where only good content and work goes a long way.

4. Digital Marketers Claiming To Hold Grand Certifications.

It is no doubt that Google Certifications hold substantial value. The way to obtain the certifications is through assessments. These are online exams and more often we do not know if it was the same person that took it. Do not invest in hiring a person based just on certifications. Sometimes knowledge speaks more than just a piece of paper. Make sure the interview is rigorous and fits the role perfectly.

5. Digital Marketing Services Lower Than The Other Agencies

One can’t expect to see results without investing. Fraudsters trick you into investing less amounts by promising great returns in the form of likes and shares. Stay away from such malpractices as it will backfire one day. There is a substantial amount that needs to be put in month after month and you can sit with your trusted digital marketing agency to help you plan your strategy and budget.

6. Digital Marketing Companies Offering Courses That Hold No Value

With an agency propping up at every nook and corner today, the whole essence of the trade is getting diluted. The agencies take advantage of the demand and offer short term courses that are not recognized and mind you, the training doesn’t come cheap. The trick to identifying a good institute or an agency is to see how well they are marketing themselves. If it is good, they are probably doing a good job teaching the next set of marketers as well.

7. Marketing Companies Buying Awards Like Candy

It is easy to get stuff off the internet today, including fake awards for a couple of bucks. Many companies tend to use fake testimonials to up their name and fame. Authentic companies don’t do this and are proud to showcase their work as it is.

An overview of this topic is to be aware of all the not-so-pleasant practices around. If you are looking to see how digital marketing can help your business, we are happy to talk. We are Let’s Goo Social, an agency with a mission to put our clients before everything else and we come with proof so you can avoid everything we’ve just talked in the article above.

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