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Top 6 Things To Check Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

It is most likely that you’ve tried to handle all of the digital marketing for your business in-house or you might be just transitioning to digital marketing from traditional marketing. All we’re saying is don’t hire a digital marketing team off the bat, just for this. Preparing ahead for what’s to come, the expectations from an agency doing the work for you and being well informed about it all play a key role in the success of your business online. Here are a few must-know factors you need to take into consideration before digital marketing agency.

1. Look through the outcome before outsourcing.

Even before handing over your business’ digital marketing needs to a third play company, you need to sit down and understand completely as to what you want to outsource and why. Make a record of it all, including your objectives and outcomes.

This makes it easier for vendors to know what you’re looking for and is also helpful when you’d like to switch between marketing agencies.

Some questions to ask yourself before hiring a digital marketing agency:

  • Why are you looking to outsource?
  • Do you already have a marketing team?
  • What are the issues you’re facing in terms of marketing?
  • Does it make financial sense to hire a third-party agency?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions as it solely depends on the type of business, its performance and the current status. Create a list of things you think will help elevate your marketing strategy and then talk to the agency to see if these check out.

2. Focus on the problems you’re facing.

Once you’re done with your list, you now have what’s already working and what you need help with for your brand. Think practically and prioritize the most important things to be done from the list. Do discuss with your team internally to see what they think too. Take action on the issues that are most urgently to be looked into.

See if these are something that can be outsourced to a professional digital marketing agency. Have meetings where you put forth your objectives in the order of priority to the company so they understand the expectations too. These are some of the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency.

3. Success should be measurable.

It is always good to know your outcomes while strategizing and creating brand goals. For example, your goal might be to increase brand awareness. What does this mean exactly? How many people do you want to reach and by when? What is the percentage of success you would like to reach with respect to each goal?

Goal creation must come with all the outcomes you’d like to see too. They must be

  • realistic
  • measurable and
  • achievable

Understand the metrics and the process behind campaigns and communicate the same with your marketing company. They will be able to determine if the goals are in line with your vision.

Hiring a digital marketing agency based on this becomes easy.

4. See if their results speak better than their presentations.

Many SEO and digital marketing companies tend to focus on making elaborate presentations about themselves by spending a lot of cash on it. Make sure you have a budget for your business in mind before choosing the agency. Don’t be lured by the flashy details but take time to get a deeper understanding of it. Do talk to them about actionable results and timely deliverables within the budget frame and see how much budget they allocate for their services and the actual work.

5. Remember that the agency need not be local.

The rule of thumb is that you don’t need a local digital marketing agency. They should be able to do the job for you no matter where they’re located. Face to face interaction is important from time to time but they should be able to stay in touch, round the clock from anywhere around the world.

6. Do your own research too.

Before hiring a digital marketing agency for you, make sure you also look into referrals and testimonials of the agency. Dive deep into their case studies, read their blogs and see if their work would be perfect for your business.

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