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Checkout The Top Trending Indian Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

Brands from all over the world are constantly trying to create the right marketing campaigns. Using various sentiments, stories and elements, we often see them every day and only some truly make an impact.

The world of Digital Marketing is rough. But if you find the right insight, you can create some of the top trending marketing campaigns in 2019. Here are some of the digital marketing campaigns from India to help inspire you to create your own!

Coca-Cola’s Small World Machines

Coca-Cola launched a video that aimed at bringing Pakistan and India together. To carry out this campaign they had two interactive vending machines set up, one in Lahore and the other in Delhi, these are two places that are separated by 325 miles of complications and political reasons. The campaign had people set aside their differences and come together over a can of coke. The 3D touch screen vending machine prompts you to greet each other, wave, raise a toast, form shapes, dance and more, allowing the people to forget the distance just for a while.

The campaign currently has 3,547,012 views and 21,000 likes

Dove’s ‘The Perfect Ten’

Dove’s ‘The Perfect Ten’ in association with Grazia magazine created a campaign #LetsBreakTheRulesOfBeauty. It starts as a video with a group of young girls gathered around a table, judging photographs of women and what they liked physically about these women’s features. The campaign then moves to elder women speaking about how girls at a young age are fed the idea of the ‘perfect woman’ from society.

Dove has often been known for promoting real women and a positive outlook for all women.

Here are The 5 Digital Marketing Campaigns that created a massive marketing impact.

Ikea’s Make Everyday Brighter

Ikea unveiled its first campaign in India called ‘Make Everyday Brighter’ to mark its entry into our Indian market. The popular Swedish brand managed to get a lot of hype, not just from their online campaign but the collaterals that followed offline as well. The video aims at finding joys in the little nuances of everyday life featuring Ikea products and then announcing the launch of their very first store in Hyderabad. The campaign aimed to inspire, and engage the Indian audience to finally step into their own Ikea store in the county. The idea for the campaign was aimed at the idea to ‘create a better everyday life’.

Vicks #TouchOfCare

Vicks India’s #TouchOfCare campaign plays on what India finds its biggest sentiment – family. The video challenges the audience to analyse and redefine how they see family in a world like today. Doing away with a traditional household, the ad film captures the store of a transgender woman, Gauri who cares for Gayatri – her adopted daughter, no matter what the consequence. The film truly builds on the power to care for someone even if they aren’t blood.

The video currently stands at 10,049,942 views with 26,000 likes. It also brought about a wave of engagement on Twitter, making it one of the best marketing campaigns

British Airways’ Fuelled by Love

Living in a big country like India, we always take things for granted, only because it is all we’ve known. The idea of a new land excites us. This campaign by British Airways gives the Indian audience what it wants – sentiment. The video follows the journey of a crew member from British Airways, who finds herself falling in love with India and feels a sense of belonging here. The film was based on a true story of a flight crew member who fell in love with India on her first flight.

The idea behind is “while the service is driven by purpose and efficiency, but the true care is only fuelled by love.” The campaign was followed with an exclusive three-day offer for flights from India to London.

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