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10 Expert Facebook Video Tips For Creating More Engagement

10 Expert Facebook Video Tips For Creating More Engagement

Facebook has always been considered a powerful visual medium. If you ask marketers which sort of content mostly appeals to the user and dominates the platform, it will undoubtedly be video. 

Are you aware that over 10 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day? These are just stats from last year so imagine the rate now. So as a marketer leveraging Facebook as a prominent video medium is more than ever. 

Don’t worry! We’ve made your task easier by putting together a list of 10 things to keep in mind for different Facebook Videos that will help increase engagement.

1. Keep duration between 15-90 seconds

 It’s been surveyed that after 90 seconds the audience engagement levels take a sharp drop and skipping certain videos becomes easier producing a higher growth rate. Keeping short and simple has always been the rule unless you’re offering something larger than life, restrict your video durations.

2. Choose more square videos

One golden thumb rule is to always create square videos for improving engagement on the platform. Why? Because it’s more mobile-friendly. Landscape videos have proven to hinder engagement in terms of views, reach and impressions especially if your audience is more active on mobile. You can do an A/B test for the same video and see the results for yourself.

3. Get straight to the point

In order to gain more traction in terms of engagement, hook your audience in the first 5 seconds. You might be wondering how to do that? Provide a short intro of your video in the first 5-10 seconds. Follow it up with what your audience will learn by watching the video. Keep the introduction as short, crisp and clear making the audience feel like they can listen more.

4. Grab attention with a great thumbnail

Your Facebook is what users will view first and thumbnails have been said to affect your video performance. Choosing the wrong image that doesn’t correlate with your video’s content can let your marketing efforts go in vain. Remember not to skip this process while you are preparing for a video ad as it has a considerable amount of impact on your campaign.

5. Post captions for the video

Make sure that every time you post a video on the platform you post a caption along with it so that it gives more information to the users. If a viewer is unable to understand your video without the sound, you have a higher chance of losing that particular viewer, and the opportunity of making him a potential customer. All that can be prevented by adding captions through your Facebook.

6. Post during an engaging time

Facebook rewards the post with more reach if it receives engagement. So posting at a crucial time matters which will further increase the chances of getting more likes and comments. Use data-driven methods to post on social media which will help you post accordingly and understand when your audience is engaging the most. By analysing your past post engagement, you can lock on the schedule that makes the most sense.

7. Use more variety in video content

You can play around with these videos and add lengths to see what works best. Make sure you repurpose your video frequently to deliver relevant messaging.Videos boost engagement and to do so, there are many types of videos you can create to communicate your brand’s message:-

  • Live video
  • Tutorial videos
  • Informational videos
  • BTS videos
  • UGC videos

8. Put some action into Facebook Business Page

Are you aware that a ‘cover video’ instead of just a static image-based post can create a great impact on your customers? Brands can leverage this opportunity to create a better connection because:-

  • It introduces your brand and the people
  • Educates your latest products to the audiences
  • Promotes and distributes your video content

9. Promote and distribute your video content

Try to build a lot of buzz around your brand’s Facebook live event. Remember to share short clips on all platforms to create more reach and then post content links on Facebook Groups to notify people about your events.

10. Track your metrics

Numbers are the real deal in digital marketing. So use analytics and tools to keep a track of the performance of your video views, reach, impressions, and more. All this starts with what you want to achieve from your campaign which later helps your brand monitor and create content accordingly.

Reach your audience and create curiosity on Facebook with videos that add brand value and capture audience attention. As a reliable social media management agency in Chennai, we strongly believe that the growing power of video on social media can’t be overlooked and it’s high time digital marketers reap its benefits across all platforms. We specialize in creating tailored engaging videos that can boost audience reach and maximize your brand’s visibility. Don’t believe us? Reach out to our digital marketing experts @ +91 9087706000 and we will walk you over our social video strategies.

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