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6 Social Media Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your SEO

Digital marketing is an online form of marketing that is inevitable without two methods for promoting your brand online. Two of the most popular marketing tactics are social media marketing and search engine optimization. Social media marketing refers to leveraging social media platforms to promote your brand’s content with its active users. Meanwhile, SEO is the process of applying strategies on website development and content publishing to make your site rank higher in the SERPs.

How Does Social Media Influence SEO Rankings?

It’s important to understand that social media does not directly boost your business’s search rankings but social media links you share on various platforms increase brand awareness. They add up and influence search engine optimization in various ways like:-

  1. Extensive content distribution
  2. Longer lifespan of your posts
  3. Increase online visibility and organic traffic
  4. Maximize brand recognition.
  5. Grows brand reputation
  6. Boosts local SEO Efforts

6 Ways Social Media Supports Organic Search Marketing Campaigns

You can probably notice how well these two work together. The question is how they work together to give a guaranteed ROI. You might be wondering if social media is important in SEO? Below we mention ways on how to leverage social media reaping SEO benefits.

1. Social Media Post Optimisation for Searches

An effective strategy that acts as a great way in opening up a channel to direct viewers to posts. The social media posts can be a combination of various articles, engagements, a video or even GIFs but optimizing the contents on social media always has a positive effect on search results. Keep in mind that optimizing the social media posts content for searches offers a great boost to the SEO strategies.

2. Creates Opportunity To Build Backlinks

One of the biggest external ranking contributions that social media imparts to SEO is the number of backlinks which can significantly increase traffic. These backlinks come either from your own posts and user-generated content. Building valuable and relevant content, these links further work coherently to signal search engines.  Apart from that, it also reaches out to more viewers to drop by on their most active platforms.

3. Increasing Awareness About the Brand

Increasing social media visibility, in turn, raises awareness among audiences which helps the brand to boost SEO strategies. Social media plays a crucial part in the overall outlook of your brand. Brands that have a powerful social media presence and connect to their customers see an overall difference in terms of growth, brand value and recognition. 

4. Optimizing Posts Through Local SEO

Do you know 97% of people turn to Google to learn more about a local business? That’s why it’s important to never forget local SEO. Promoting social media posts in the local community offers many benefits to the SEO rankings of any business or company. Given that every business is on the lookout for local business, it is extremely important to opt for local SEO. 

5. Increasing the Number of Followers

Your brand’s number of followers has a huge impact on how your ranking in the search engine. If you have more followers, the better it will be for search engine optimization strategies. Remember that followers need to be genuine and achieved through an organic process as most of the search engines can pick up the proxies of purchased followers which can result in a low ranking on SERPs.

6. Encourage Sharing on Social Media

Google always considers the context of your online engagement and how people talk about your brand which in turn impacts what you rank for. It uses online mentions to categorize you as relevant (or irrelevant) for SERPs depending on many factors. You want to keep your brand mentions positive and social media is the perfect tool you can use to achieve that.

A growth-oriented social media strategy helps the brand to improve SEO enabling it to rank high on search results. There are several strategies to score your SEO using social media best practices but above mentioned six tips will surely enhance your SEO efforts. The real work starts with implementing them into your marketing plan. You can always reach out to us. Chennai’s top digital marketing company is here to the rescue. We use the best methods and the latest techniques to bring in the results. Call us at +91 90877 06000 and we will get back to you soon!

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