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Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing In This Covid-19 Lockdown?

We live in a different world today. The COVID-19 situation is indeed a great threat to businesses big and small alike. The situation has truly shaken up the business world with economists and financial heads clamoring for the best way forward. One thing is for sure, in the next coming months, businesses are going to become more and more dependent on digital marketing. We can in fact definitely say that businesses will hop onto this train without which it is a make or breaks for their futures.

With big scale events, shows, conferences and any type of public gathering coming to a standstill around the world, getting in touch with people has become a genuine challenge.

People are not getting out of their homes to shop or purchase goods.

This seems to be the case for the foreseeable future as well.

If you are a business facing this situation, one way to mitigate against the losses and save your business is to adapt to a new marketing strategy i.e. Going Online.

For example, consider a restaurant owner whose business is affected due to the lockdown. There are no walkins and the only way they can function is through online delivery. This is where social media and digital marketing come into play, to target the exact customers who are willing to hit the Order Now button.

With the world under lockdown, people are spending more time online.

Here are a few stats that give us the reality of the current situation:

  • India noticed a surge of 70% in the consumption of mobile data during the lockdown.
  • A Global Web Index study showed that almost 45% of consumers worldwide are dedicating more time to social media.
  • Singapore saw a 60% upward trend in internet usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Amperity COVID-19 Retail Monitor tracked consumer behavior across different categories from 100 North American retail brands and observed an overall decline in retail demand by about 90%. The losses are mainly due to the closure of all physical retail stores.
  • The Food & Beverage sector saw a decline by 20.38% after the initial panic-buying slowed down. 
  • Social networking sees a substantial improvement, surpassing email as the most resilient non-organic marketing channel.

It’s Time You Go Digital Too:

During these uncertain times, there is a worldwide increase in the number of people working remotely and embracing a collaborative approach. They are turning towards digital channels and are transforming the way teams work. There has been an unusual spike in the number of businesses wanting to:

  • Refurbish their websites.
  • Create social media campaigns focused on brand awareness.
  • Target customers to pre-book services. 
  • Use lead generation campaigns to gain new customers for post-lockdown services.

Apart from generating high-quality leads & getting conversions, the one other thing digital marketing is really good at is creating brand awareness for your business. Brand awareness is the extent to which a user, consumer or audience is aware of your product or services.

About 43% of consumers want to hear words of assurance from brands. They would like to “Know And Trust” that the brand genuinely cares for them. How can your business achieve this? 

  • Your business can use brand awareness amongst the target audience and convert them into customers using strong messaging and CTAs.
  • One major medium to communicate with your target audience is through social media, podcasts, webinars & online videos. 

Now that you know why it is important for you to turn to digital marketing, it is time to call in the experts to help you with it. We are Let’s Goo Social, a contemporary digital marketing company, helping businesses reach their maximum potential during the current situation.

We help your business with everything from Creating Brand Awareness, SEO, Email Marketing to Website Development. Go digital today and make sure you continue to serve your customers & increase your revenue, even during this lockdown. Contact us today to talk to an expert!!!

Here’s us signing off and wishing you good health!

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