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LinkedIn Marketing Labs : An On-Demand Learning Center

Are you a marketer, advertiser, or any professional looking for new ways to advertise on the business platform – LinkedIn? If so, then you are sure in the right place. LinkedIn recently launched its new and innovative educational platform for people who want to learn about LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn has named this as an ‘on-demand’ learning center that will allow advertisers and brands to use all its tactics to generate better results from their individual efforts on advertising. These LinkedIn Marketing labs will help you to get access to curated courses to help understand how to utilize marketing tools on the platform in order to engage professionals efficiently.

It has been a serious concern for marketers who were complaining that the platform has been difficult to use. Since businesses have faced challenges in the past, ads have shown lack of results for many marketers trying to gain a foothold on LinkedIn Ads. Many have even said once they figured out how to get Ads done right, they have experienced success for their clients in terms of B2B marketing. This in turn has made LinkedIn Ads a hard sell. So in order the tackle the issue, LinkedIn Learning Labs launched 6 main courses initially for advertisers to better understand and use the advertising tools:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting
  • Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads
  • Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness
  • Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

How to access LinkedIn Marketing Labs?

Firstly to access the new tool, you need to visit the LinkedIn Marketing Labs Hub on your browser. From there, you can choose a topic of your choice based on what you want to achieve in your ads. Once you select your primary focus, the tool will present a number of courses, each suitable for different expertise levels. 

What does the course offer?

The course platform offers custom paths for media planners versus those who run ad campaigns and is meant to help both beginner and intermediate level advertisers in terms of LinkedIn Ads.

Customer marketing manager Renee Lowe said that courses included in LinkedIn Marketing Labs are specially designed by in-house LinkedIn experts who have studied B2B advertising best practices across a variety of industries and customer bases. Lowe said interested marketers or professionals should go to the LinkedIn Marketing Labs hub and choose their primary focus—ad campaigns, media planning and strategy, or both—at which point they will see a variety of courses at different levels of expertise.

Pre-course self-assessments prompt users to answer a series of questions to test their knowledge of the topic and the courses are set up to be interactive, with text and video, and competed at whatever pace the member chooses.

Now that LinkedIn has launched a variety of courses around the globe, do you think it will sell for brands trying to gain recognition on LinkedIn? Share your thoughts below.

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