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Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2021


Clearly, 2020 has been the year of pandemic. But we can’t ignore the fact that 2020 has also seen a surge of innovative digital trends. Brands geared up to stay in the latest queue by coming up with quirkier than ever campaigns that redefined marketing. When the entire world was stifling between shutdown and lockdown curbs, marketers saw an opportunity for growth through digital marketing. Travel was shut but we clearly saw us visiting and revisiting beautiful places through reels, vlogs, etc. Content creators become show-stoppers for brands and marketers were men-in-action in the digital space. eCommerce sales went through the roof, people spent a lot more time on social media and video conferencing became the norm. With 2020 ending, we are all looking forward to an anticipatory 2021. And 2021 seems to be a year for potential growth for digital marketers and brands too. The social shift is something marketers need to consider and should look-out for in 2021.

We can stress the fact that it is important to stay updated on the latest marketing trends to keep your marketing game on point. For any business to remain relevant in a fast-evolving market, marketers must be prepared to readily adapt to the changes in the marketing domain – if it fails to do so, it is sure to be left behind in the race. Let’s get to know the trends which have true potential in 2021.

1. Live-streams and an increase in influencer content

Events were canceled due to the pandemic and more people were staying at home. People tuned to live-streams whether it was a branded live-stream, a live video from their favorite celebrity, or an online workshop. Many giants like Amazon launched Amazon Live where influencers promote their favorite brands during these live events. These live streams were shoppable enabling customers to make purchases while viewing.

2. Inclusivity is the new key

People preferred content that levied emphasis on equality and fairness. Movements like Black Lives Matter and Justice for Phoenix and Jayaraj sparked a strong revolution on social media. Social media became the new mass tool that helped injustice. Brands that are planning to stay non-inclusive or who don’t appear to be a part of the inclusivity community will likely see impacts in 2021. Users are getting attracted towards diversified content or are shifting themselves towards such brands.

3. Personalization is what you should strive for

Audiences require content that is personalized. Your customer base comprises different segments who have unique tastes, preferences, buying behavior, attitude, demographics, and so on. Make sure to create tailor-made marketing strategies, campaigns, offers, discounts, etc. for each customer segment to attract them. The more visible and well-planned your personalization efforts are, the faster you can attract visitors, converting them into potential customers. 

4. Branding through sustainability

Environmentalism is the key here. People are concerned on various issues like global warming, climate change, etc, and want their brands to take a positive step towards a better planet too. We are seeing a popularity boost for sustainable brands, especially in younger consumers. 2021 is surely a bigger market for all green brands.

5. Image and video SEO for visual searches

You are aware of searching for images and videos by typing in keywords, but did you know about submitting existing images for a search or even taking original photos and searching for context? An increasing number of consumers are searching via voice-activated tools like Alexa. Since users discover visual search techniques to be convenient, it changes the overall landscape of SEO altogether.

6. More interactive content

 Interactive content doesn’t just promote more engagement for your brand, it also improves the user’s enjoyment. Activities like quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls, etc., can do huge wonders for your brand. They tend to increase the length of time users engage with you which helps your standing in algorithm-based searches and feeds. 

7. Easy-to-consume content

People are yearning for easy-to-consume content more and more. Podcasts on the go or newsletters are easily consumed and considered as great hunger among the audience. They help brands connect more deeply with customers and provide a more intimate way to stay in touch. 

8. Local SEO

 If you’re a local brand then you should continuously update your business’ appearance in local results. Local SEO is considered more powerful than broad SEO because people searching for a specific type of business with their geographic location have more intent to purchase so it’s easier to convert them.

These things are going to be the ‘next big thing’ in 2021. They are critical to helping you understand digital marketing trends and how they will impact the larger competitive landscape.  If you’re looking for an agency to ignite your branding in 2021, then Let’s Goo Social is the answer. We specialize in all sorts of digital marketing services to help your brand generate a strong foot-hold in the market. Reach our marketing experts at Call our experts at IN: +91 9087706000 | SG: +65 8008526877 and we will be happy to help you.

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